Term 2 reflection

This term (January- March) my class did many fun things and challenging things. For social studies we studied Residential schools. We read different books of boys and girls perspectives of going to the schools and what it’s like to be in that school. We also wrote about the books and this thing called writing in role where you pretend to be that girl or boy going to the residential school. Hey

In math at the beginning of the term we finished off our division unit but eventually moved on to fractions. In division we focused on long and short division and memorizing the steps on how to get the answer. In the fractions unit we focused on improper fractions and equal fractions. We also filmed a video of all the things we have learned I’m math.

In science we studied the human body. We started out by reading books with partners about the system we chose to study. My friend Caitlyn and I chose the digestive system out of the respiratory system and the circulatory system. We had to make a model of some sort of how our system works and we had to make an improvement/redesign. Our redesign was that the small and large intestine would be smaller so there could be more room for the food that has finished its cycle but then we realized that in the small and large intestine there are these things called viles that suck the nutrients and water out of the food. So, if we made the small and large intestine smaller some of the water and nutrients would be still in the food. So we decided to make the viles bigger and stronger so that the water and nutrients would be gone.In Language arts we did paragraphs where we took missed matched paragraphs and we put them in order. We had to remember that there we had to write them a certain way always with paragraphs. It goes topic sentence, detail, support, detail, support, detail, support, detail, support, and closing sentence. Our teacher said that what makes paragraphs good. We also did have grammar but we had this sheet we did every day and it was just working on little mistakes in sentences and we would fix them all together as a class.These were all my core classes so not all my classes were listed on here. Thanks for reading also, if you want to give me some inspiration on what to write about, please do!-Cate<3


One thought on “Term 2 reflection

  1. Hi Cate – I loved reading your reflection. I would love to see the video you made in math! You forgot to mention your amazing public speaking event where you recited, Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’, which is such a beautiful, inspiring poem. Maybe you could write about what inspires you? What gives you creative energy? I am very much looking forward to the Grade 5 opera on May 31 and June 1! Your lead role of Rosina will be quite the role to play! 🙂

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