Short Story Based On Elders Interview

This term in grade 6 humanities, we have been learning about short fiction stories and different types of writing. in the mid-term, our grade split up, and went to 7 different care homes for elders and interviewed the elders. Our goal was to interview them about their life and ask questions and write it all […]


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junior school.

I have been at the SMUS junior school since kindergarten. It all started out on the first day of kindergarten when I was crying in my mom’s arms to not let me go. I was so scared, but little did I know this was the school where I would make so many friends and learn […]

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Term 2 reflection

This term (January- March) my class did many fun things and challenging things. For social studies we studied Residential schools. We read different books of boys and girls perspectives of going to the schools and what it’s like to be in that school. We also wrote about the books and this thing called writing in […]

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Residential Schools

Each country is ashamed of something. Canada is ashamed of residential schools. They were horrible. Some very bad things happened to more than 150,000 children who were put into residential schools. Not only were they taken from their families, but they weren’t allowed to speak their own language or practice their own faith. They were […]

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Kindergarten is fun. In Grade 1 you learn math. IN Grade 2 you have journals. And Grade 3 too. In grade 4 you have times tables. In grade 5 you have a buddy.

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