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How I like 😀 more than 😞

😀 (happy face) is way better than 😞 (sad face) because happiness can spread everywhere. It’s like a jar of beans with zero beans to start, and then it keeps getting filled until it’s full of happiness.

I have seen many people sad and mad and I don’t like it.

The things that make me happy are when people say that they are sorry and when I am at recess and people are playing together. I’m happy when people get along and when people bond they get to know each other better and have more fun.

The things that make me sad are when someone in my family is gone and when my friends lie to me.

What makes you happy?





Last summer I went t0 New York and I really wanted to be the Statue of Liberty for Halloween.

So I did.

I bought it online with my Dad.I  didn’t get the book (the law book) but that’s ok because I did get the torch.

My friend Haven was a girl for halloween and that was funny because so was my brother!

My other friend Maia was a werewolf.