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my one wish for 2014

This is a picture of my mobile that hangs on the ceiling. I took a picture of my one wish for 2014!


And then one day on the beach, Mom and Dad said we have been thinking for a long time and we are not moving to Vancouver.

In fact, I made a drawing of me saying my one wish for 2014 is not to move to Vancouver. First I thought we were moving! And now we are not.

And I am happy.


Yesterday we went on a field trip! It was to Chinatown. It was my first time seeing a red envelope.

Mommy had to do some work but she came. Went to a grocery store. I saw a flying fish with wings. We went to the temple.

Mr. Chan said to count all of the stairs. I got 50. On the way back I got 51.

Mr. Chan told a story about a cat Bernice and a mouse George. It was funny.