Why does Music affect who you are?

Let me just say this… I could NOT live without music at all!!

Some of you might know that I love to sing. I play the double base, the ukulele and the piano. So I guess you could say I am pretty musically inclined. But why does music affect who you are?

Who know’s? But I would hope music makes you just want to sing and dance. But why is it that the dark music (racist, sexist, etc.) makes people agree with the lyrics? I don’t know.

Basically if you listen to music that is happy and cheerful you might just be cheerful and happy, too. Whatever music makes you happy is the music you should be listening to.

Just look at my cousin Mia. She loves rock like Metallica and and Guns ‘n Roses and she is a strong happy girl. She is not dark. She is actually amazing! She is also a great role model.

I don’t believe people should be racists or sexists. People may have done bad things in the past but inside them is goodness. You have to decide what you want to hear. Who you want to be. Many other things can change who you are and music is just one of them.

You choose… Happy or Dark.



Things I want to do in 2017!

img_5977These are the things i want to do before 2018…

  1. Have fun!
  2. Write more blog posts
  3. Sing at a open mic night
  4. Learn 15 new chords on my ukulele
  5. Read 100 new books
  6. Listen to more music
  7. Score more goals in soccer
  8. Go on a roller coaster
  9. Bake merengues
  10. Bake more things
  11. Learn piano and guitar
  12. Learn to  swim better
  13. Have more mindful moments
  14. Make more new friends
  15. Try new foods (eg. Sushi Burritos)
  16. Be on time for things (being early is better than being late!)
  17. Meet someone famous
  18. Say I love you more
  19. Give complements
  20. Go sking and hiking
  21. Eat a weird food
  22. Don’t stop loving
  23. Eat healthier
  24. Go on a long zipline
  25. Gave a good time
  26. Go somewhere I haven’t been before (eg. Ireland)
  27. Make more creative things
  28. Mave good marks in school
  29. Sleep more!!
  30. Make homemade ice cream
  31. Become a public speaker
  32. Try a pogo stick
  33. Learn how to take a great photo
  34. Record my dreams for a week
  35. Have a water ballon fight
  36. Go camping
  37. Plant a garden and watch it grow
  38. Sit on the edge of a cliff
  39. Sit at a peaceful beach and listen
  40. Stay up all night
  41. Learn to babysit
  42. Keep tracking how tall I get
  43. Donate small clothes
  44. Paint my room a different colour
  45. Make slime
  46. Organize my room
  47. Be really responsible
  48. Work better in art class
  49. Make better choices
  50. Be… ME!!!!

Ghosts by Raina Telgemier (warning spoilers)

So recently I have read a book called Ghosts and it’s about two sisters. One is Maya and she has cystic fibrosis. It’s a thing you are born with and it affects breathing and digestion. 

Maya has a older sister Cat and she is terrified of ghosts. She is also terrified of losing her sister. 

Their family moved to Northern California because it’s cold where they live and it’s better for Maya’s health. 

Maya really wants to see a ghost and one day she went on a ghost toor with her neighbour (who lead the tour) and Cat to see all the different places ghosts hang out. 

Cat gets lost and finds one ghost and she follows it. She took a turn and saw a bunch of ghosts in a circle around Maya. 

Carlos (the neighbour) gave Maya a drink that she held and all the ghosts followed her and had a lot of fun. 

But then Maya accidentally broke the glass bottle and the ghosts sworm around her and she couldn’t breath. Cat and Carlos went to the hospital and then Maya had to wear a cord in her nose and a tank attached to the cord.

The rest of the story is for you to read!!😀

A Poem For Gord Downie

I know that this summer the news came out that Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer. But like always, Canada has a way to fight through emotional and sad things like this one. As you may know, Gord Downie’s wife Laura just suffered from breast cancer and survived. She and Gord have courage.

So now I am going to say a little speech dedicated to all the people that care and who donate to cancer.

A Poem For Gord

sometimes when I wake up I look up at my

ceiling and I pray for those people who have to

suffer through painful cancer. I pray that every

second someone donates to cancer. Most people

deserve to have a long lasting life and not to

suffer from cancer. So hearing this, I pray

that this poem can change something in this world.

Cate Pontefract


Thank you for taking the time to read this:)


why I want to play goalie…

So I really want to play in net for soccer. Here are the reasons why:

1. Because I am the only goalie on my team.

2. I am really good at goal.

3. I walked out Hope Solo during the World Cup final and she’s a goalie too.

I love watching soccer when the goalie prevents a goal from going in. 

Do any of you have experience playing goalkeeper?


Australia Day 16

Today we went souvenir shopping and I got a really cool hoodie that says Australia on it! And my dad les Cole and Claire and I got one bag of candy and we ate that at a German restraint for a drink!

Tomorrow we leave Australia and back to home.😖😭😫

Australia Day 14/15

Today was New Years Eve!

There were beautiful fireworks and it was really fun!

Day 15

Right now it is 1:18 am and it’s technically day 15th too!

We went to Manly beach! And saw my sisters friends school!😀