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10 ways to survive in the jungle

1. First you get a steak and keep it as a pet. Then you kill it and eat it.
2. Get a paper bag and wear it as clothes.
3. Then go swimming so you get used to the water.
4. Find another animal and kill it and eat it.
5. Then find a big big leaf and keep it as a bed.
6. Then when it gets dark you can sleep.
7. Then get coconuts and make a help sign.
8. Find an iPad or phone and get your family to contact you.
9. Then wait until someone comes to get you.
10. Then someone will see your sign and you will get home.


Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is when you celebrate your mom. My mom is so excited for all of the presents. I made her a hand with pink and red colours. The pink is the hand and the red is the heart. I love my mom because she likes to cuddle with me.

I also like my mom because she reads me stories at night and she takes care of me when I am sick.

I love you mom!!!!





Star Wars day…

Star Wars day is where you say May the Fourth be with you. It’s because it is on May 4th. Mr Barber (the athletics teacher) said he made it up:) There were Star Wars documentaries on TV today too. My favourite characters are Princess Leia and Queen Amidala/Padme.