Details of my Summer Trip

I went to New York. I loved the Statue of Liberty. I expected it to be smaller. It was beautiful when we saw old Montreal and old Quebec too. We also saw Mia, Nicole and Roy in Dundas. Grand-Dad, Adam, Zoe, Michelle and Grandma Debbie were also there. We saw our grandparents in Sarnia, and […]

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Our summer trip!!

For my summer trip we are going to NYC FINALLY!!!!!!! And we are going to Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Cape Cod, Quebec City, Dundas, and Sarnia. I am excited to see the Statue of Liberty. I’ve never swam in the Atlantic Ocean. I can’t wait to see my family and Zoe for the first time.

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Yay today is Easter(: I got so many Easter eggs. Yesterday we went to Nanaimo and we went to New York Best Pizza for lunch. We went to a soap store and then went to the pizza shop. Cole got soap in his eye because he touched the soap at the soap store and then […]

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Easter holiday is soon!

In a few days it is Easter! The Easter bunny comes every year. It leaves yummy treats! It is lovely. Easter is my favourite holiday. Nanoose Bay is where we are going for Easter. Nanoose Bay is located between Nanaimo and Parksville on the Strait of Georgia. Here is a map.

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The Xmas tree!!

Today Dad and I and Claire went to a store to get a Xmas tree! On the ride I choked on water! Claire said my face was red for a little bit. Claire also said it was scary. When we got home we opened the tree. It was very sappy and wet! Yesterday we went […]

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I am thankful for trees because if we did not have trees then we would not to be able to breathe! I am thankful for my sister and brother because if I did not have them then we would not have fun!

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My Summer Holiday

We went to Gig Harbor! It was fun! Claire and I did not have a ceiling. (: Rich and Kara came! Every afternoon we went swimming!!!!!! We had fun. There were lots of stairs in our house. We found lots of crabs and rocks in the ocean. We had marshmellows and smores at the campfire!!!

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