IN London my family got excited because London was famous. Claire lost her tooth. We saw the big ben and the south of london. And there was double deckers buses.

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Kindergarten is fun. In Grade 1 you learn math. IN Grade 2 you have journals. And Grade 3 too. In grade 4 you have times tables. In grade 5 you have a buddy.

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My family

Cole goes to SMUS and Claire goes to violin lessons and Cate goes to grade 1 and Dan goes to TELUS and Denise goes to work at the senior school at SMUS.

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My cousins

Zoe is now a part of our family. She is a baby of Michelle and Adam. They are my aunt and uncle. Mia is a kid. She is 7. Tyler and Madeleine are also my cousins. Nini and Alana – I really like them.

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