the art of music


One thing that has made a difference in my life and to others is music. Long ago people were bored. Honestly. There wasn’t much to do. It all started with people realizing that if you hit two objects together like 2 rocks hitting each other, it makes a sound. People started realizing more and more things. Eventually, people realized that if you change your pitch of voice, it can make sounds that give almost a different feeling then just regular voices talking. This is now called singing, believe it or not. As the years went on, people kept creating different versions of these sounds and they kept making people feel different feelings based on the sound. This was how music was born. 


Jazz was the first “genre” of music. As soon as it became popular people fell in love with the sounds and feelings of band instruments and voices collaborating to make a luscious sound. Music gave people hobbies, jobs, and they were finally free from boredom. It became quite a popular invention. My family, for example, we are all music breathing humans.  My mom and dad have an obsession with classy rock music like The Tragically Hip and bands like the Beatles. My dad is always blasting music in our house like the neighbours can’t hear. My sister and I play instruments like the ukulele and guitar and we sing together all the time, and my brother enjoys to listen to rap music. Music makes us all a tad bit happier and it’s had a huge impact on all our lives from giving us all a passion, to bringing us all together. For decades music has been bringing people together and making people happier. I’m grateful that I am getting to experience that.

Music has made the world stronger. We have created something so valuable to so many people. Music has given us hobbies, jobs, bringing people together and giving us all a way to feel and a way to be happier. Music is now a huge part of our world and I hope it will keep making a difference in lives to come.

-Cate Pontefract


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