Australia Day 2

Today we had a full on tour and we saw penguins and kangaroos and birds snakes and wallabies and some of the kangaroos were huge!! I learned that once there was an earthworm the size of a school bus!!! We’re about to go to bed but it’s midnight!😊😊😊

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Australia Day 1

Right now it is a day earlier than Victoria because we ( my family ) are in AUSTRALIAπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. All though it’s really hooooot but …I’m cool with it. Australia is so much fun and today we are seeing Star Wars the force awakens at 1:15!!!! 4 hours later….. We just got back from the movie […]

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Summer trip 2015

This summer we went to LA and San Diego. It was awesomely cool. We saw the Hollywood sign in person. We also went to the Warner bros studio, too! At all of our houses we either had a pool or a hot tub. We went swimming in the morning and the afternoon.          […]

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What my life is all about

My life is really about love and leaders and leadership, family and friends. 1. Love is like the entire world but if you don’t have love it’s like burning a 100 dollar bill. 2. Leaders can help me wherever I go. 3. Leadership is like bonding with whomever you love the most and about who […]

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Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is when you celebrate your mom. My mom is so excited for all of the presents. I made her a hand with pink and red colours. The pink is the hand and the red is the heart. I love my mom because she likes to cuddle with me. I also like my mom […]

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my one wish for 2014

This is a picture of my mobile that hangs on the ceiling. I took a picture of my one wish for 2014! And then one day on the beach, Mom and Dad said we have been thinking for a long time and we are not moving to Vancouver. In fact, I made a drawing of […]

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I love Maui

Cole went to a beach with little waves and sometimes big ones. On December 9th it was Mommy’s bday and it was beautiful! Cole carved a piece of wood and it was cool! Today I woke up at 4:56am. I was exhausted! We had to go on a flight to Vancouver. When we got to […]

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The Xmas tree!!

Today Dad and I and Claire went to a store to get a Xmas tree! On the ride I choked on water! Claire said my face was red for a little bit. Claire also said it was scary. When we got home we opened the tree. It was very sappy and wet! Yesterday we went […]

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xmas is here!!!!!!!!!

Today Jojo came to our house. He came on a reindeer. Jojo is Santa’s elf. Jojo is going to be watching us and Jojo will say to Santa if Claire or Cole and me were good or bad. In music I am singing Jingle Bell Rock and Silent Night.

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