why I want to play goalie…

So I really want to play in net for soccer. Here are the reasons why:

1. Because I am the only goalie on my team.

2. I am really good at goal.

3. I walked out Hope Solo during the World Cup final and she’s a goalie too.

I love watching soccer when the goalie prevents a goal from going in. 

Do any of you have experience playing goalkeeper?


Reflections of grade 2 

  • When I was in grade 2 we did lots of stuff like…when we did this owl project and I was an owl that’s a teacher ( it was a play) we also did
  • Field trips 
  • Animal project 
  • Symmetry 
  • Art

And lots more.
My teacher was mrs Yorath. I just got my report card and I got twos and threes and I really liked it. My class and I for field trips we went to

  • The pumpkin patch 
  • James bays care Home
  • Thriftys ( to get food for the homeless)

And like ten more!



    I love art. It is so cool. I like abstract and clay. Our Art teacher is called Ms. A. She is so nice. Once at art I made a clay penguin and a paint penguin. And once I made a flower out of pastels, and an apple.

    One is a full apple the other is with one bite and the last one a full eating one.


    Talent Show

    The talent show is when we do jokes or dance or karate or sing or say poetry. I sang “Roar” from Katy Perry.

    There was a fun joke that was told.

    How did the rocket lose its job?

    It got fired:).

    My friend Willow sang “let it go” from a really famous movie, “Frozen”. My favourite movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is a video of me singing the song “Roar”.

    West Point Grey Academy interview with Cate Pontefract

    On Saturday we went to West Point Grey Academy. I was in the grade 2 class and it was cool. The teachers name was Ms. Moxy.

    I had two more assistant teachers and I liked them a lot. They even had the after school teacher too.

    The things I did was I made a drawing of a garden. I think it was beautiful and awesome. We also did a playmobile set and we did math and we went outside too.



    I love my blog

    I like blogging because it teaches your brain!

    Sometimes blogging is hard.

    I love my blog!!!

    I love numbers like 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    One year ago I started my blog!

    Usually I blog once a week.


    I am in Grade 1

    I am in grade 1 and I am excited! My teacher is Ms Galloway! I have fun!

    I read in the loft! We are learning about patterns!

    At recess I play with my friends.