junior school.

I have been at the SMUS junior school since kindergarten. It all started out on the first day of kindergarten when I was crying in my mom’s arms to not let me go. I was so scared, but little did I know this was the school where I would make so many friends and learn […]

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Term 2 reflection

This term (January- March) my class did many fun things and challenging things. For social studies we studied Residential schools. We read different books of boys and girls perspectives of going to the schools and what it’s like to be in that school. We also wrote about the books and this thing called writing in […]

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Reflections of grade 2 

When I was in grade 2 we did lots of stuff like…when we did this owl project and I was an owl that’s a teacher ( it was a play) we also did Field trips  Animal project  Symmetry  Art And lots more. My teacher was mrs Yorath. I just got my report card and I […]

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I love art. It is so cool. I like abstract and clay. Our Art teacher is called Ms. A. She is so nice. Once at art I made a clay penguin and a paint penguin. And once I made a flower out of pastels, and an apple. One is a full apple the other is with one […]

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Talent Show

The talent show is when we do jokes or dance or karate or sing or say poetry. I sang “Roar” from Katy Perry. There was a fun joke that was told. How did the rocket lose its job? It got fired:). My friend Willow sang “let it go” from a really famous movie, “Frozen”. My […]

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I love my blog

I like blogging because it teaches your brain! Sometimes blogging is hard. I love my blog!!! I love numbers like 1, 2, 3 and 4. One year ago I started my blog! Usually I blog once a week.

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