10 ways to survive in Victoria BC

A couple years ago, my genius 7-year-old self, decided to make a blog post:

“10 Ways To Survive In The Jungle”

(to refresh your memory)

  1. First  you get a steak and keep it as a pet. Then you kill it and eat it.
    2. Get a paper bag and wear it as clothes.
    3. Then go swimming so you get used to the water.
    4. Find another animal and kill it and eat it.
    5. Then find a big big leaf and keep it as a bed.
    6. Then when it gets dark you can sleep.
    7. Then get coconuts and make a help sign.
    8. Find an iPad or phone and get your family to contact you.
    9. Then wait until someone comes to get you.
    10. Then someone will see your sign and you will get home.

Now that I have re-read this, I have decided to re-create this blog. Here we go!

“10 ways to survive in Victoria BC”

  1. Prepare yourself, I mean you never really know what type of deer could hit your car in the middle of a highway. (yes, this has happened)
  2. Bring your special loved one! Victoria has been named the most romantic city in Canada and one of the top 15 friendliest cities in the world.
  3. In the winter time, the sun rises at 8:30am and sets at around 4:30 pm… hibernating with Netflix is crucial to those couple months.
  4. Sadly, Victoria sits in an earthquake zone. And a tsunami threat zone. Personally, that keeps me motivated to get out and experience the life of Victoria.
  5. Don’t forget to buy lots of maple syrup and poutine at the nearest Canadian Tire 😉 (Just Canadian things)
  6. Don’t mind all the people that say sorry for every single action we do. At some point, you will be the one saying sorry for not talking to the people that said sorry too much and at some point, everyone will be saying sorry for saying sorry too much… *sorry for rambling*
  7. In Victoria, we get a sudden snowfall 1 or 2 days a year. Previously, we’ve had that sudden snowfall between November and April so,  you might as well have snow tires on between those months, and because we get a solid 3cm of snow a year. Crazy.
  8. Don’t like the weather? Well, lucky for you! It changes every 3 seconds.
  9. One of the things Victoria is truly known for is our crazy old slow drivers. Please, please, please don’t become one of them.
  10. Last but definitely not least, make sure to enjoy your visit here. You never know if you’re gonna come back again or not…

Hope you enjoyed my re-make of some wonderful tips and tricks from the jungle side of me.

I do recommend actually taking a visit to Victoria. It’s full of bright loving people and I have lived here for almost 9 years (also just moved into a brand new house!!) and I’m grateful every day that we moved here 9 years ago. All the friends that are now family we have met, all the memories of growing up here, the life my family has built in Victoria BC, is home.

-Cate P




One thought on “10 ways to survive in Victoria BC

  1. We have great memories of formal tea at the Empress. Love your lists Cate.

    Live well, love always and laugh out loud every day. 😎 Sent from my iPad 📱


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