It’s our turn.

No little paragraph is going to change the world at once, but it could still make a difference. Our generation has to help climate change. If we took the time and effort out of our day, to do one little thing, that would make an impact. Buying groceries at the grocery store, why not bring reusable bags? Because we have thrown out enough plastic bags to reach the moon and back. Why is it that we are just too lazy to even find a compost to put food scraps in?

We grew up thinking that we could treat the earth like nothing would ever happen, but did you ever see the temperature rapidly rising to 27 degrees in early April? In the early 2000’s we started to see photos, videos, Instagram posts saying we need to clean up our mistake that we made but were only starting to get the memo now? It took us longer than a decade to get our minds together and make a change and yet in all that time what did we accomplish? Making a waterproof phone? Oh, and get this, someone actually invented a cart to walk your fish that’s in a tank. So maybe this benefits a fish lover but it’s like we all used to have masks that blocked us from realizing what’s really happening to our home.

Meatless Mondays. A new thing in my household. If you had a Meatless Monday every week, you would be saving as much water as 10 full bathtubs a week. Why not get a compost so your food doesn’t end up in the overflowing landfills? Our earth is our home and we should save it before we don’t have a home. at the rate we are currently at, we have 12 years to turn climate change around before we can’t. I’m talking to my generation specifically. Were here the longest and we really can make a change.

Don’t leave garbage anywhere you want, because you never know where that small action could lead us in 12 years.

-Cate Pontefract


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