junior school.

I have been at the SMUS junior school since kindergarten. It all started out on the first day of kindergarten when I was crying in my mom’s arms to not let me go. I was so scared, but little did I know this was the school where I would make so many friends and learn many new things. Kindergarten went by very fast. my teacher at the time was Miss Gardiner Hill. She was a very nice person, especially to kids. I will always remember she was the person who taught me to hold a pencil. Grade 1, 2, and 3 are also fun. In that grade, I made some very good friends and memories that I will never forget. For example, in grade 3 we had a day called Pioneer Day we gotta dress up as pioneers and learn things about pioneers. My good friend Caitlyn, Julia, and Bianca and I all played “Pioneer” at recess and imagined what it would be like to live in those years and be those people. One of my favourite things about grade 1 was the dress up and the lofts. There were these huge lofts with blankets, pillows, and books. I used to dress up like princesses with my friends whenever we had free time because my teacher had this whole bucket full of costumes. One of my favourite things about grade 4 was working with Dr. Pantaleo. She showed us how to make our own graphic novels and our own digital graphic novels. I enjoyed it very much. I ended up making a graphic novel about twin sisters that find each other after 22 years and at first, they hate each other but they grow to love each other. That was one of my favourite things in Grade 4.

In grade 4 we also had a project on sea life. I study the Abalone because I find Abalone beautiful and I wanted to learn more about them. we made paper cards with facts on them about the animal we studied and we sold them on a Saturday Downtown. My favourite project we did this year in grade 5 was a government project. we learned about what it’s like to be a mayor or a president and much more. we were put into groups with four or five people and our job was to make ideas on how to make our school life better. We made posters and a name for a campaign group. And we made a commercial that had to be 30 seconds long about our campaign group and what we think would be better for our school. This was one of my favourite projects from grade 5 because it taught me that life isn’t just watching people make differences but actually making a difference in this world yourself. Another thing we did was the opera. If you didn’t know back in June the grade 5 class performed “The Barber Of Seville.”I played the part Rosina and it was an AMAZING experience. I will miss junior school so much and I will definitely visit. Junior School has made me a better person and taught me to stand out in my own way. I’m very excited to start a new journey at my middle school and so far it’s going great!

-Cate P.


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