Yay today is Easter(: I got so many Easter eggs. Yesterday we went to Nanaimo and we went to New York Best Pizza for lunch. We
went to a soap store and then went to the pizza shop. Cole got soap in his eye because he touched the soap at the soap store and then touched his eye with it. He was really hurt but now he is fine. On the way back home, my eyes started to sting and then I got an allergic reaction to chlorine. Maybe because at our Nanoose Bay House we have a hot tub?







One thought on “Easter

  1. Hello Princess Cate Thank you for sharing your Easter photos, they look good enough to eat! The cottage looks magnificent, an ideal spot to spend a few days, or weeks!! For Easter, we went to West Yorkshire to visit some very old villages dating back over 600 years, and still have people living there. No the people weren’t that old, but their houses certainly were.

    I guess that you are not back at school and enjoying being with your friends again, and working very hard too i’m sure! Hopefully we’ll be able to visit you again before next winter.

    Have a wonderful week

    Love Grandad

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