How Polly Died

Polly was our cat.

She died because she was sick.

I miss her a lot.


9 thoughts on “How Polly Died

  1. I am sorry you miss Polly Cate. I am sure she is in cat heaven watching you become such a big girl.

    Love you – Auntie Kim

  2. Cate- welcome to the blogshere! and Congratulations on losing your tooth!

    So sorry to hear about Polly. My cat Chester died about 2 years ago and I miss him too. I am glad he was my cat. Sounds like you are glad that Polly was your cat. She was very pretty.

  3. Sorry about both of your losses : your dear cat Polly…and your tooth! Perhaps every time you dream about your cat, the tooth fairy will come back to drop off more goodies. Do you think that’s possible? Maybe not, but it surely would be nice, right?

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