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why I want to play goalie…

So I really want to play in net for soccer. Here are the reasons why:

1. Because I am the only goalie on my team.

2. I am really good at goal.

3. I walked out Hope Solo during the World Cup final and she’s a goalie too.

I love watching soccer when the goalie prevents a goal from going in. 

Do any of you have experience playing goalkeeper?


My favourite dreams 

The only dream that I really want to happen is seeing all of my favourite singers perform. Here are my top singers! 

  2. One direction’!!!!!!
  3. Meghan trainer!
  4. Katy perry!
  5. Demi lovato!
  6. The Beatles! 
  7. Sabrina Carpenter
  8. Selena Gomez!
  9. Ariana grande!
  10. Pink!!

My second favourite dream is that when Santa comes at Christmas he gives me my own little kitten!!!!!!!

And my other favourite dream is making the women’s Fifa World Cup team for Canada and scoring at least 5⃣5⃣ goals!!