10 ways to survive in Victoria BC

A couple years ago, my genius 7-year-old self, decided to make a blog post: “10 Ways To Survive In The Jungle” (to refresh your memory) FirstΒ  you get a steak and keep it as a pet. Then you kill it and eat it. 2. Get a paper bag and wear it as clothes. 3. Then […]


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Details of my Summer Trip

I went to New York. I loved the Statue of Liberty. I expected it to be smaller. It was beautiful when we saw old Montreal and old Quebec too. We also saw Mia, Nicole and Roy in Dundas. Grand-Dad, Adam, Zoe, Michelle and Grandma Debbie were also there. We saw our grandparents in Sarnia, and […]

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My family

Cole goes to SMUS and Claire goes to violin lessons and Cate goes to grade 1 and Dan goes to TELUS and Denise goes to work at the senior school at SMUS.

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