Why Sugar?

Ok, we all know we eat a ton of sugar every. single. day. Last Tuesday it was Halloween. As you should know its probaly the worst day ever for kids, even though kids think this day is truley amazing its really not. Between 3500 and 7000 calories of halloween candy is an average kid will […]


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Grace too<3

hello all. This is a post for one person. Dear,Gord You are tough, brave, confident and determend. I remember when my dad would drive me to school blasting Grace Too and I laugh at it now that I think of it. I used to giggle every time you said monkey in one of your songs. […]

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What Being A Leader Means To Me

Being a leader involved lots of things, to start, trust. You need trust with most people to make them think your a leader. You need to be kind to others and have empathy. Now that I’m a grade 5 leader we all have our responsibilities. Being the oldest in the school (K-5) means being a […]

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Why are we here on earth?

Just ask that question in your head. Why are we here? I mean we could be living on mars here but we’re not but why are we here? I think it’s because we were chosen to be here on earth with a happy family living interconnected. But I may be wrong but I know that […]

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Things I want to do in 2017!

These are the things i want to do before 2018… Have fun! Write more blog posts Sing at a open mic night Learn 15 new chords on my ukulele Read 100 new books Listen to more music Score more goals in soccer Go on a roller coaster Bake merengues Bake more things Learn piano and […]

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A Poem For Gord Downie

I know that this summer the news came out that Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer. But like always, Canada has a way to fight through emotional and sad things like this one. As you may know, Gord Downie’s wife Laura just suffered from breast cancer and survived. She and Gord have courage. So now […]

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