Residential Schools

Each country is ashamed of something. Canada is ashamed of residential schools. They were horrible. Some very bad things happened to more than 150,000 children who were put into residential schools. Not only were they taken from their families, but they weren’t allowed to speak their own language or practice their own faith. They were […]

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My Story.

Everyone has a story right? Well this is mine… One cold Vancouver March day a girl with huge eyes that wanted to explore the world was born. She thought Vancouver was the best place to live. She also had a nanny Belen that took care of her during the day when her siblings went to […]

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I’ts Gonna Be Ok (Trust me)

Over the past 2 years I’ve had some friendship problems where everything felt like a movie or show that I was starred in. When I was in G.3 I messed up with my friends and I realized it the following summer. I was being a horrible person to my friends. I was being bossy and […]

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Why Sugar?

Ok, we all know we eat a ton of sugar every. single. day. Last Tuesday it was Halloween. As you should know its probaly the worst day ever for kids, even though kids think this day is truley amazing its really not. Between 3500 and 7000 calories of halloween candy is an average kid will […]

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Grace too<3

hello all. This is a post for one person. Dear,Gord You are tough, brave, confident and determend. I remember when my dad would drive me to school blasting Grace Too and I laugh at it now that I think of it. I used to giggle every time you said monkey in one of your songs. […]

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What Being A Leader Means To Me

Being a leader involved lots of things, to start, trust. You need trust with most people to make them think your a leader. You need to be kind to others and have empathy. Now that I’m a grade 5 leader we all have our responsibilities. Being the oldest in the school (K-5) means being a […]

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