I am thankful for trees because if we did not have trees then we would not to be able to breathe! I am thankful for my sister and brother because if I did not have them then we would not have fun!

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My Summer Holiday

We went to Gig Harbor! It was fun! Claire and I did not have a ceiling. (: Rich and Kara came! Every afternoon we went swimming!!!!!! We had fun. There were lots of stairs in our house. We found lots of crabs and rocks in the ocean. We had marshmellows and smores at the campfire!!!

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That is a photo of my family from a painting I did. It has dad, mom, Claire, Cole and me and a bird. I like it do you ?

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I Am 6!!!!!!!!

I am 6 now. I have waited to be 6 for a long time. And my birthday was fun, and I loved it. Justin is in my class and I am 6 and he is 6. I had a gymnastics party.

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Our flood

It was sad for Claire because Claire’s bedroom was in the basement. So Claire has to sleep with me. Cole has to sleep in the basement when it is done, and Claire has to sleep in Cole’s room. And I will sleep in my room.

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IN London my family got excited because London was famous. Claire lost her tooth. We saw the big ben and the south of london. And there was double deckers buses.

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My family

Cole goes to SMUS and Claire goes to violin lessons and Cate goes to grade 1 and Dan goes to TELUS and Denise goes to work at the senior school at SMUS.

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My cousins

Zoe is now a part of our family. She is a baby of Michelle and Adam. They are my aunt and uncle. Mia is a kid. She is 7. Tyler and Madeleine are also my cousins. Nini and Alana – I really like them.

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