My Story.

Everyone has a story right? Well this is mine…

One cold Vancouver March day a girl with huge eyes that wanted to explore the world was born. She thought Vancouver was the best place to live. She also had a nanny Belen that took care of her during the day when her siblings went to school! In her first few years she lived in Vancouver. But in the summer when she was 4 she moved to Victoria. There was so much for her to learn and experience. When she was 5 she got to go to this AMAZING private school that her mom worked at. Her first day of kindergarten was pretty scary. But she made amazing friends that day. She loved seeing her brother and sister during the day and walking home with them. At Christmas her parents surprised her siblings and herself to go to Paris, Germany and England! She loved it so much. During her grade 1 year her parents told her and her family they would be moving back to Vancouver and going to a school called West Point Grey. My siblings and I got to tour the school and spend half a day there. She thought it was awesome but she loved living in Victoria so it was a 50/50 for her to move. 2 months later her parents took her family and herself to the beach that was close by where we live. They told us we weren’t moving and we were staying! (One reasons was because Cole was the only one that got into the school😂)

In 1st and 2nd grade during the winter break I got to go to Maui with my family after Christmas! In the summer of grade to my parents got me this amazing opportunity to walk out Hope Solo who is on the women’s American soccer team and it was in the finals against Japan! It was so cool. In grade 3 for Christmas we got to fly Business class to Australia!! It was so cool! And guess what? I’m on the plane coming back from Australia again! We went again this year!

Mom, Dad thank you so much for theses amazing opportunities and life changing experiences that made my life sooo much better!! I love you so much and I couldn’t wish for any other parents except for you guys. I can’t wait for more adventures because I’m only ten and I have a lifelong time with you guys. I love you to the moon and back❤️



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