I’ts Gonna Be Ok (Trust me)

Over the past 2 years I’ve had some friendship problems where everything felt like a movie or show that I was starred in. When I was in G.3 I messed up with my friends and I realized it the following summer. I was being a horrible person to my friends. I was being bossy and rude, then karma came. In G.4 on halloween my friend (Im going to make up names) Betty told me one of my other friends Lilly was talking behind my back. Again. To all the G.4 girls. Betty told me she called me annoying, I was treating everyone like their little minions and that I was dragging everone into my deep black hole. I remember I started crying infront of the school teachers and she made me talk to Lilly. Lilly said she was sorry and she would never do it again but she still does. Ussaly I dont really mind because I know it wont be that bad.

My friend Emma and I were talking the other day and Emma said Lilly was saying more things behind my back. The same things she said a year ago. Things were actully going really well with Lilly but clearly not. My really good friend Mary is really nice and she gave me some advice. She said if Lilly’s doing these things to you then why is she your friend? I thought about that. What if I’m just trying to be her friend but I know she’s making me feel horrible?

Sometimes I want to tell people her deepest secrets but I know that would hurt more than this. All I want her to know is that she’s making someone feel bad that is already hurt. Everyday theres some new drama about anything. To be honest ANYTHING. Random things will pop up for no reason. It sucks.

Lilly is still always going to be my friend no matter what she says or what she does were still best buds. Lilly and I have something special that no fight can ruin. No friendship is perfect and the way to have a friendship is to mess up once in awhile. All the stories, fights, experiences will all be forgotten because their not needed to remember. What you need to remember is that you have an important relationship with someone who does care about you, cause eveything’s gonna be ok.



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