Grace too<3

hello all. This is a post for one person.


You are tough, brave, confident and determend.

I remember when my dad would drive me to school blasting Grace Too and I laugh at it now that I think of it. I used to giggle every time you said monkey in one of your songs. My parents love you so much and I know the thought of Terminal Brain Cancer is horrible and I can’t imagine what your feeling right now up in heaven. The other day I watched your documentry Long Time Running and it was amazing! So inspiring and I could watch it again over and over again. No matter how hard it is now it will all come back together later and it will feel amazing. When the Hip were on tour last summer my dad and mom saw you like 6 times and I even saw you guys play!

Its deavastating to know your gone, but you left history. History to tell to my kids when I am older and to remember you were a amazing person. Not just to Canada but to the world. I want to let you knowI have always enjoyed listening to your music, especialy the long road trips. My favourite song ever from you is 7 matches. I know its not with the band but you sing it. I love everything about The Secret Path. “Son, when you dance I’ll be on your shoulder and you feel it” I love it all!!!!!!!! You make our bad days good, our happy days even happier. Your also very funny and you love your brothers. You and the band have been together more than half of your life! wow! you make great music and you work together well.

Sincerly, Cate Pontefract.



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