What Being A Leader Means To Me

Being a leader involved lots of things, to start, trust. You need trust with most people to make them think your a leader. You need to be kind to other,s and have empathy.

Now that I’m a grade 5 leader we all have our responsibilities. Being the oldest in the school (K-5) means being a leader. Make others follow your lead.

The other day this girl Sarah (she was in kindergarten) was crying because it was her first full day of school. She said she had no friends to play with so I was kind and I helped. I saw this group of other kindergartens playing a game of tag and I asked them if Sarah could play with them. The next day I saw her playing with the same group of kindergartens and laughing and having fun.

Sometimes when I talk about being a grade 5 leader (also teachers) some people think I’m saying younger kids can’t be leaders ,OF COURSE THEY CAN!!! We all can be leaders no matter what.

In grade 5 we have leadership speeches. At an assembly we have to talk one by one what a leader means to us. We started writing them last week and so far mine is “To me a leader is putting others before yourself. to be kind to others, and to help others in need.” and I’m hoping to write more on that.

When I was in kindergarten the first time I saw these huge grade 5 kids I thought “wow,  I can’t wait to be a leader like them”. Six years later here I am…A leader.


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