Why is it that we get so addicted to this?

 Today I will talk about why people get so addicted to their phones. First of all if you have seen my sisters blog she wrote about her digital detox and how her teacher put her phone and her classmates phones into a box for the weekend and she wrote about it. Seeing my sisters blog made me want to write about how people can get addicted to their phones. My brother Cole does not have a phone because my parents think he is to young when my sister got one in grade 7 and it was an old phone that could text,play music and take photos but nothing bad for your brain. I think parents should at least start with an old phone or an iPad with no games or no tech! now people have just gotten too addicted with snapchat,instagram, pintrest and many many games. If I could meet a scientist i would ask “why do people get so addicted?” Well I am NOT a scientist but I can tell you this… I think people get so addicted because they care. they care about their phones and “I’m gonna lose my streaks with my friend!” or any dumb game out there. why not go for a walk or write something in a diary, or just draw? you do not need a phone to live. think about your family and not being in your locked up room all the time. Think about others not your phone. I think technology is great for learning and developing good skills in school but at that moment when you realize  he/she is addicted to his/her phone you think was it a good choice?  well you have to find that out yourself. here is a good way to start… take away their phone for the weekend? if that helps then there you go! But I’m not a scientist but maybe It won’t work. But there’s a solution to that just take away their phones until they realize that they are really not good for them if they’re just using Instagram and Snapchat and all those other things that ruin your brain or just get them to realize what’s happening to their brain. Just think about all of those other fun things you could do with someone else or just yourself. There’s way more to life then a glowing screen.

I once read this book with my class (and I forgot the name😥) but it was about these European explorers and they found us going rock on a beach and they decided to keep it and bring it back to their land but all of the crew except for one member loved looking at the glowing rock. Day and night the crew would stare at the rock and they seemed to enjoy it and that one crew member just wondered what was so amazing about the rock. When he woke up one morning he saw that his crew turned into giant apes! (Wonder why?) well the one crew member who felt like that rock was doing something bad to the crew threw the rock into the ocean and decided he was going to change the crew back to normal. He tried playing guitar and he even made them sail the boat! But eventually they went back to normal. The reason why the crew turned into apes and wouldn’t stop staring at the rock was because the Author of that book was trying to resemble the rock as a glowing screens in front  of your face like an iPhone which makes a whole new person out of someone. Basically what that book is trying to say is that just don’t let someone just sit in front of the screen for hours and hours until they go bananas. Literally.

Also did you know that 75% of teens tend to have Nomophobia which stands for no mobile phobia. Basically what it means is a teen going on their device to stop boredom. 

Did you know that 72% of teens have the need to immediately respond to texts , social networking notifications and other notifications. 

What I’ve learned from all of this is that there is more possible ways to get your life active and not by looking at a screen 6 hours a day. 

Life is short, don’t waste it on things you’ll regret.

I hope my letter to you will have changed someone from doing something you don’t need to do.



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