Why are we here on earth?

Just ask that question in your head. Why are we here? I mean we could be living on mars here but we’re not but why are we here? I think it’s because we were chosen to be here on earth with a happy family living interconnected. But I may be wrong but I know that I was chosen to be here. That’s why I know we are all special. Even if we embarrassed our selfs in public or got caught doing something wrong, you are still here. On earth. Living free. 

I think if heaven like another planet. Like a place you go when you feel too special or your just ready to go. It’s a different place. Not earth. Not where you were before. And not where you were chosen to be. But you were there for a reason. To be who you want and to be who you chose to be. 

It’s not just why we’re on earth it’s also why we’re here with these people in our land. Why do you think we got granted with these amazing people? 

I have heard people say in movies and rarely in real life *I wish I was in another planet and family and life* but you know it’s never gonna change. 

We really need to realize how amazing it is to live here and to breath this fresh air. 

You know life doesn’t suck. It’s actually very beautiful❤️

-Cate Pontefract❤️


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