Why does Music affect who you are?

Let me just say this… I could NOT live without music at all!!

Some of you might know that I love to sing. I play the double base, the ukulele and the piano. So I guess you could say I am pretty musically inclined. But why does music affect who you are?

Who know’s? But I would hope music makes you just want to sing and dance. But why is it that the dark music (racist, sexist, etc.) makes people agree with the lyrics? I don’t know.

Basically if you listen to music that is happy and cheerful you might just be cheerful and happy, too. Whatever music makes you happy is the music you should be listening to.

Just look at my cousin Mia. She loves rock like Metallica and and Guns ‘n Roses and she is a strong happy girl. She is not dark. She is actually amazing! She is also a great role model.

I don’t believe people should be racists or sexists. People may have done bad things in the past but inside them is goodness. You have to decide what you want to hear. Who you want to be. Many other things can change who you are and music is just one of them.

You choose… Happy or Dark.




One thought on “Why does Music affect who you are?

  1. Hi Cate- I love music that makes me happy. Especially Ed Sheeran’s music 🙂 I also love when you have a happy smile on your face and you are singing. You have a very beautiful voice. xo

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