Reflections of grade 2 

  • When I was in grade 2 we did lots of stuff like…when we did this owl project and I was an owl that’s a teacher ( it was a play) we also did
  • Field trips 
  • Animal project 
  • Symmetry 
  • Art

And lots more.
My teacher was mrs Yorath. I just got my report card and I got twos and threes and I really liked it. My class and I for field trips we went to

  • The pumpkin patch 
  • James bays care Home
  • Thriftys ( to get food for the homeless)

And like ten more!



    4 thoughts on “Reflections of grade 2 

    1. HI Cate. Congratulations on finishing Grade 2 and likewise in acheiving and excellent report. Now onward to Grade 3 in September!!

      Have a wonderful holiday.

      Lots of Love Granddad

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