Francis Rattenburys dramatic story 

Rattenbury made a few bad choices however in 1923 he left his wife Florence Nunn whom he had married in 1898 and his children Frank and Mary for the 27 year old twice married Alma Pakenham.Florence said that Rattenbury could stay but then she got fed up with him and forcing Rattenbury to leave Victoria! He married Alma in 1925 after Florence agreed to his request for divorce. He Alma in 1925 after Florenceagreed to his request for divorcehe and Alma return to Victoria 1927 with Christopher Alma’s  son from her second marriage. There they had their son of their own John before deciding to move to Bournemouth  England in 1929 the same year that Florence died.


In Bournmouth Rattenburys  final problems continued  causing his relationship with Alma to disintegrate. Soon Alma fell in love with an 18 year old chauffeur. The chauffeur soon fell in love with Alma to! Then the chauffeur knew that Rattenbury was in love with Alma so the 18 year old chauffeur went up to Rattenbury and behind the chauffeur was a big metal stick and then slammed him on the head with some severe head injuries. A couple days latter he sadly died.

The people thought jail would do no good to the chauffeur so instead they were going to hang him. A few days latter Alma had heard about him getting hung so she stabbing  herself into the river. Sooner or latter they all end up dead.


Just to let you know Rattenbury designed the Fairmont bullding parliament bulldings and lots more!

To my best grade 2 teacher mrs.Yorath


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