Track and Field days

I have a passion for track .This year I have track and field after school on Thursday…I get to race other schools.

In PE we do sprints and relays and 2 laps of the field.

Our athletics teacher, Mr.Barber, is one of my favourite teachers because he teaches all athletics! Even though he supports Arsenal!

Our other sports teacher (Ms.McLeish) teaches us too.😎



6 thoughts on “Track and Field days

  1. Dear Cate,
    I am honoured that you love track and field so much. Running has always been one of my favourite sports and I always hope that my students will share my love of this sport.

    it is thrilling to see you run so well in our competitions and I wish you every success on Sports Day!

    Did you know that Arsenal won the FA cup last week!
    Great news if you are an Arsenal fan.

    Keep up the good work, Cate!

    Mr. Barber

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