Rainbow Loom

I got a present for Christmas Rainbow Loom. It is a thing with elastics and a loom which is a thing you put elastics on to make a bracelet. You can make charms like people and shave ice and even pigs.

There is a bracelet called the triplet single and a double triple single. There’s a bracelet called chain too!

I love my Rainbow Loom. Here are some pictures of my work.








6 thoughts on “Rainbow Loom

  1. Cate, I am so happy to see that you have an organizer. Now I can come back and loom another person with you. Xoxo Auntie Nicole

  2. Very nice Cate! The rainbow loom looks like a lot of fun. Before I read your post I thought you could only make bracelets with the loom. Thanks for showing that you can make animals and other chains.

  3. Awesome Cate! How quick are you at it now? I like the moustache, it’s cute, just like you! 🙂
    Miss you Cate 🙂

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