my soldier poem

soldiersIf there is peace on earth there is peace in a city.

If there is peace in a city there is peace in a soldier.

If there is peace in a soldier then there is love.


17 thoughts on “my soldier poem

  1. We are so proud of your great work! What a great poem! Remembrance Day means a lot to us. Grand-maman et grand-papa. love you so much.

  2. Dear Cate: I really enjoyed reading your lovely poem on Remembrance Day. It was very thoughtful and well done.
    Love Grandma Debbie

  3. Hi Cate; Your poem shows what a caring and thoughtful person your are. Well done and congratulations on being such a creative poet.

  4. Dear Cate. Your poem for Remembrance Day has planted peace in my heart. Thank you for sharing this love with us. I know there are many children who had soldiers in their families who would love it to. I am sending it on to Roman. I love you and am very proud of you. Love Frances

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