Kindergarten Is Finished

Kindergarten is fun! I learned lots of fun stuff.

PE is one of my favourite things to do!

At Recess I play with my friends Avery and Willow and Catherine and Addison and Avli!

I do not want to leave kindergarten!







8 thoughts on “Kindergarten Is Finished

  1. Kindergarten was special, thanks for including the photos. I am sure that you will enjoy Grade 1 the same.

    Have a great summer

  2. Congratulations Cate! I agreeing endings, like leaving Kindergarten, are hard sometimes. I bet Grade One will be super fun too…. I wonder what you will do in Grade One that you didn’t do in Kindergarten?

  3. Congratulations Cate! I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences in Grade 1! I admire the words on your project board….love and consideration. That pretty much describes you..loving and considerate. Oh the places you will go! (Borrowed that from Dr. Suess). Love you. Auntie Nicole

  4. Grade one already, holy moly! I love your pictures. Did you make a speech at your kindergarten graduation? You will have to tell em all about it! I cannot wait to see you guys on Monday, see you soon! woohoo!

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