Why I like fun!

I love fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Fun is happy! Sports are fun. Spending time with my family and Lucca!
Sometimes my parents get surprised because I was doing





11 thoughts on “Why I like fun!

  1. Cate, watching you work on math at your desk in your room has been so lovely to see. The other thing that has been lovely to see was how you wrote out all the words to 3 Taylor Swift songs that you really love to sing – and you wrote these out on square pieces of paper attached with sticky tabs – that was very cute.
    I’m glad you like to have fun because you have a beautiful smile and I love seeing you laugh 🙂 xoxo love mommy

  2. Cate, I love having fun too! I have fun when I get to take care of you! What is your favourite sport to play?

  3. Hi Cate having fun is very important, having fun doing Math is a gift, and means that you are very good at it – Great Job

    Lots of Love Granddad x

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