My Canucks Game

My dad took me to a hockey game. The Canucks won.

They went to a shoot out. I ate popcorn.

The score was 1 – 0.

I also had Gatorade.

I got home at 10:00pm.

I liked the game.




4 thoughts on “My Canucks Game

  1. Hi Cate
    What an exciting day out, and staying up late too. I was went to a Canucks game with your Dad, and I’m sure they won then also.
    Hope you are enjoying your Easter break.
    Love Granddad xx

  2. Yah Canucks! Shoot outs are always exciting!
    Did you see #3 – Kevin Bieksa? He is my favorite Canuck.
    I think popcorn and gatorade would hurt my belly. How did you feel after eating all of that?

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