I Am 6!!!!!!!!

I am 6 now. I have waited to be 6 for a long time. And my birthday was fun, and I loved it. Justin is in my class and I am 6 and he is 6.

I had a gymnastics party.



8 thoughts on “I Am 6!!!!!!!!

  1. Dear Cate I’m glad you had a great birthday party. Your new headgear looks very cool. Lots of love Granddad and Jane xx

  2. Happy Birthday Cate! Aunt Sue, Uncle Chris, and your cousins Madeleine and Tyler wish we could of celebrated with you…we miss you all dearly! Love you sweetheart and hope you had a wonderful day!

  3. Can you count exactly how many days old you are now?
    You first have to know how many days are in each year!

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